It occurred to me that people would be curious about how in the world I came up with Mass Vortex Theory.

As I started thinking about the beginning of the Solar System, my thinking returned to theoretical work about construction and raw materials from my work on theoretical foundations. It seemed to me that the raw materials of the Solar System must include atoms from all different elements. Thus, I considered a big mix of atoms from naturally occurring stable elements to be present. I learned about nebulae later. A nebula as an initial “given” of Mass Vortex Theory is described here. Also, I did some research and found out that every planet had an iron-nickel core. So it made sense that clumps of metal atoms, mostly iron, were present in the earliest stage.

Then, I knew that somehow the system goes from this initial condition of static stuff in space to a state where there is angular momentum of planets. So, I thought about how a big bunch of stuff might go from being “at rest” to then having angular momentum.

Bath water in a tub which then goes down the drain after the stopper is removed came to mind. From my previous work on theoretical foundations of physics, I know that there is a resevoir of pure mass (which I call massfluid) outside of space. Thus, envisioning a hole in space going to that resevoir seemed to be the most simple way to achieve the needed angular momentum. As I started thinking about it, I envisioned an image of a spiral galaxy, and I looked up some images, and thought “yes, like this.” Later, I learned that black holes are at the center of spiral galaxies. Pretty cool. So the system I envisioned has a precedent in nature. A black hole as an initial “given” of Mass Vortex Theory is described here.

As I did research on the idea of a vortex, I found out about cyclonic separation and it fit beautifully for what happened with protoplanets falling out of the stream of the Parent Vortex into a steady-state orbit.

This is how my journey of discovery for solar-system-formation got started… after I learned that I needed to deal with solar-system-formation to explain the initial conditions of Pangaea for Cataclysm Theory.

–Sally Seaver